Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cell Phone Holder

Here is the cell phone holder that I made for myself. I put a daisy on the front and my initals, B M, on the back. The miniture horseshoe is the clip that can clip to my pants pocket or what ever I can find to clip it to.
I also clip it to my purse. Now I don't have to search for my cell phone at the bottom of my purse anymore! I love it.
I can custom make a cell phone holder like this one for you. I can tool large initals on the front, tool a basket weave or a plain border, or brand it, or just "Bling" it out with diamond, studs or conchos. You come up with an idea, and I'll try to put it to leather, all for $30.

Here is a picture of a horseshoe key ring that I have. Works really well and has a nice western look to it. They are available through James or my dad, who both are blacksmiths. They are $8.00 . You can call James at 928-651-4524 or Brian at 480-987-9592.


  1. Love it! You are so clever! I'm lucky to have a sister like you! :)